May scouts from any Council take a merit badge class with EPIC Merit Badges?
Answer :
Yes. All EPIC Merit Badges counselors are registered merit badge counselors and hold current YPT Certifications. BSA rules allow for any BSA registered scout to earn a merit badge from any BSA registered merit badge counselor.
Do I need to get my unit leader or scoutmasters signature before registering for a merit badge with EPIC Merit Badges?
Answer :
No. With the current conditions of, you do not need to get your unit leaders signature before registering for a merit badge. It is a good practice to let your unit leader know that you are completing a merit badge. At some point following your completion you will need your unit leaders signature.
What Time Zone are classes listed?
All classes are listed using Hawaii Standard Time.
May I change my class to another date or another class?
Yes. Please send an email to with the details of your request and we can make the change.
May Scoutmasters or Parents audit classes?
Yes. We welcome Scoutmasters and Parents of any Scout taking a class to audit their class. Send an email to with the details and we will verify your relationship to the Scout and send the class log in info.
Are your classes recorded?
No. Our classes are NOT recorded to support Youth Protection and Safety. Only registered participants and authorized Scoutmasters and parents and allowed in the classroom.